Pegasus Infused Extra Strong Candy (50mg x 10 pieces) 500mg/pack




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Comes in a package of 10 gummies. Each gummy contains 50mg of THC. Made with Pure Distillate Cannabis Oil in Vancouver, BC.

These cannabis-infused edibles are created using pure distillate Cannabis Oil. One package offers you 10 gummies, each one containing 50 mg of THC. Just one of these delicious and flavourful gummies can alleviate the symptoms of your pain, stress and anxiety.

10-15 mg of edibles is recommended for medical cannabis patients that are consuming weed for the first time, while 30-100 mg is typically considered a daily dose by most experienced users. These gummies by Pegasus is a favourite among users due to its rich flavour and super potency.

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Orange Sherbet (500mg) = $20, Pineapple Express (500mg) = $20, Super Lemon Haze (500mg) = $20, Cherry Kush (500mg) = $20, Raspberry (500mg) = $20, Strawberry Cough (500mg) = $20


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